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Sunday, Aug 21: Bastion of Twilight

The Pugastic 25 is slated to start at 12 noon sharp. Bastion of Twilight is first up.


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project manager, Canada

3 responses to “Sunday, Aug 21: Bastion of Twilight

  1. margeric ⋅


    • Hiyo, Margeric!

      I cannot speak for other Pugtastic members, but I’ve moved over to Star Wars: The Old Republic to be a Jedi Knight and Gunslinger in that MMO.

      How about you? Are you still playing Alliance faction on Icecrown?

      • margeric ⋅

        i am no more in icecrown and Alliance i followed my sister raid in Bleeeding hollow horde side.. What happened to people wheres shy and thrornir 😦

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