Sunday, Aug 21: Bastion of Twilight

The Pugastic 25 is slated to start at 12 noon sharp. Bastion of Twilight is first up.


RL: Fired Employee Deletes 88 Servers

Do you raiders work in the I.T. industry? If you ever decide to rage-quit on your organization, think twice before you vandalize their network. It could land you in jail for 10 years or more. Check out what buddy did here, logging in from a McDonald’s: />

Sunday Aug 7 Raid 25

Raiders: Pugtastic 25 will start at the usual 11:45am server time, and raid until approximately 3:00pm server. We have a Nefarian encounter and BoT planned.

Raid leaders Shyraia and Thrornir will be away to Castlefest in real life, so Xphile will be coordinating the raid in their absence. Please send Xphile a game mail to get your name added to the invite list. Otherwise: /join pugtastic to stay in chat communications with us in game.


Pugtastic is a community of Alliance endgamers on Icecrown realm. Representing multiple guilds, Pugtastic raiders rally together under the administration of Shyraia and Thrornir. Our summer schedule for 2011 is every Sunday, 12 noon to 3pm server.

July, 2011: Pugtastic Reactivated! Sundays, 12 noon server

Well, raiders. I’m glad to report that raid leaders Shyraia and Thrornir have reactivated the Sunday afternoon 25-mans. Most of you are at least partway through the tier 11 content of Bastion/Blackwing Descent/Al’Akir. Many of you have successfully completed tier 11, and are now progressing through Firelands.

In an effort to build up momentum and establish good routines with our newer group, Pugtastic will be working on Bastion 25, TotFW 25 and BWD 25 for now. But if raid lockouts and player main toon availability work out, we might add in Firelands 25 at some time.

If you want to join our raids, make sure you are online at 11:45am server, Sunday afternoons. Whisper Xphile, Shyraia, or Thrornir to get your name on the list.